21 September 2013: Sheringham 40s Weekend

My parents used to enjoy 40s weekends but I had never really been near one. This weekend I was on the doorstep! Not only that, it was based on the North Norfolk Railway. £16 bought me a ticket with unlimited steam train rides along a beautiful stretch of countryside. Glen Miller music as well. I went up and down a couple of times on different trains as well as a trip on a vintage bus. My, how its engine growled up the hills!


There was a superb collection of vintage cars and also a well-restored 1930 caravan. David, the present owner, had bought it from the guy who had done the restoration. He is maintaining it and maybe improving it if he can find the original type of lights. Wood throughout, he has not lit the original paraffin stove, but he does use it at shows.


So many people were in uniform or 1940s dress. The women were so smartly dressed, though why anyone would want to return to seamed stockings beats me! There were lots of land girls and it was interesting to see how many youngsters had dressed up. Hopefully, they will have peace on their minds, rather than war, as they grow up. There were a couple of Winston Churchills looking very much the part. I was also surprised by the number of pipes I saw – were they just for show? Dogs were all over the place but not dressed up. I guess dog coats came in with consumerism!


The North Norfolk Railway alone is worth a visit to this part of Norfolk – even without the 40s weekend. Someone told me it was not doing so well and then they found a financial whizz of a volunteer. With his skills, and hard work, they now make a profit. Certainly their rolling stock is in good condition and they have some very special carriages and engines.